**Only available with a coupon code, if ordered without a code, you will receive a Best of Mud Crate**

A special edition Mud Crate for Agaaain subscribers!  Special price PLUS free Microgreens Kit activated by your special promo code!
Use your coupon code, and get this 10 activity whopper of a Crate for R40 off, PLUS a free Microgreens Kit, and free delivery!  Thats a saving of at least R125! Even better:  2 and 3 kid Mud Crates get an even BIGGER discount!
Whats in the box?
Microgreens Kit
Make a windsock
Grow a grass man
Make a science phone
Nature loom and weave
Cool cup craft
Make twig letter decor
Make a fossil
Make a nature sun catcher
Grow flowers
Grow a bean stalk

Agaaain Mud Crate + Free Microgreens Kit